There’s a point in many people’s lives where they find themselves looking for a job. Maybe they’re looking to change careers, their company downsized, or they’re tired of the commute back and forth from Conyers- whatever the reason, the Georgia Department of Labor has a tool to make your employment search easier. 

Rockdale residents are served by their local Georgia Department of Labor office (GDOL) at the Dekalb Career Center in Decatur- But, Employ Georgia invites you to visit The Employ Georgia website allows you to do everything from creating a new resume and basic job searching to researching specific companies, positions or careers.  

  1. Create an account. Log into to easily create your account. This allows you to return and have your data ready for your next search and for potential employers to search for candidates based on skills and experience.
  2. Upload or create your resume. Uploading or creating a resume is not required to do a job search, but it allows the system to search for jobs based on employment history and for potential employers to find you. Employ Georgia has designed a template that allows you to promote the skills you have gained by being a homemaker, volunteering or serving in the military, not just job experience. This template great way for updating your existing resume to include things you might not have realized are assets sought out by many companies. 
  3. Start your search. You can search by job description, distance, or even within a specific company.  If you have a resume in the system, it will automatically list jobs that would fit your experience. This search does bring up two different types of jobs. If you see a small flame icon next to your result, you can rest assured that the position was posted by a registered company on the website, without it- the job may have been posted by a third party and the information can not be guaranteed as far as the accuracy on the posted information.  
  4. Are you a match?. When you find the perfect job, the site offers a 5-point list that will breakdown the employer’s preferences to ensure that you are a match for the job. You can even see where your experience may have a gap in skills that are usually associated with the position. This valuable information helps if you plan on continuing training or education. 
  5. Applying for the job. Employ Georgia makes it easy to apply with a button that links you directly with the employer’s application preference. You may be asked some preliminary qualifying questions, be routed to the company’s website or have your resume immediately forwarded to the company. 

After submitting your application there are still other ways that the Employ Georgia website can help. You can research career options, education opportunities and even search for jobs out of state. There are plenty of ways to pursue a new job that could turn into the career you’ve dreamed about.