When Monday morning rolls around, are you anxious to get up to start your workweek or would you rather hit snooze and hide under your pillow avoiding the time-clock? A lot of times those feelings are dictated by whether or not you have a job or a career.


What’s the difference? 

  • A Job is work that you just show up to do. You punch in and do the tasks that are asked of you and that is all. You can’t wait to punch out at the end of your shift. If it’s a job, you do it just for the money.
  • A career is work that you do because you enjoy it. You want to advance within your company or in your field and you seek more education, training, and a higher position. The possibilities are endless and you are excited about it. You grow and in the process, your wages increase. 


In other words, you get what you put into it. If you are at a point in your life where you are tired of just having a job and would like to have a career, there are a lot of ways you can start to head in that direction.

  1. Set a Goal- Don’t be afraid to dream big. Whether you want to own your own company someday or if you want to hold a higher position at the company you currently work for- start thinking about it now. Talk about it, think about it and share your goal with those important to you. 
  2. Education and/or Training- The more skills you master and possess and the more training you pursue- the more valuable you become. You could take a course at a local technical school, pursue college degrees or certifications or even attend conferences to gain more knowledge on the career path you want to be on.
  3. Networking- Get to know those that “know” and build a relationship. Seek out others who are experts in their field and learn from them. You can attend local networking events or join social platforms like LinkedIn, but almost any social occasion can be used to make connections. Be genuine and helpful without expectation.
  4. Perseverance- Don’t give up. Keep trying and keep on keeping on. While those phrases may sound cliche’, they are great advice. People don’t normally go from being a delivery driver to the CEO overnight. Remind yourself to have patience because gaining skills and respect in your industry takes time and commitment.  


There are times where you may get discouraged during your journey, but keep positive and strive towards your goal and you will succeed. Every training you attend and every promotion you receive will move you higher towards your goal and achieving the result you desire- a career you love.